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As one of the founders of Disco Bloodbath, Damon Martin has gone from throwing small basement parties in East London to rocking dancefloors around the world in the space of a few short years.

Born in New Zealand, Damon moved to London in 2002 and found his first job in the music business working for Trevor Jackson’s legendary Output Recordings where he stayed until the label’s unfortunate demise.

In 2007 Damon launched Disco Bloodbath. The club was a quick success thanks to its unique music policy and he soon found himself DJing throughout Europe and as far afield as Japan and the Middle East.

During this time Damon was trying his hand at production via working on remixes as part of Disco Bloodbath for the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Little Boots and producing edits in collaboration with Ben Rymer as Channel 83. The Channel 83 edit of Fern Kinney’s ‘Love Me Tonight’ has come to be considered something of a modern classic and currently changes hands on Discogs for up to 60 Euros.

Recent years have seen Damon begin working seriously on his own music. The results have been two 12” releases on the Disco Bloodbath Recordings label and remixes for artists and labels including Mark E and Tusk Wax. Damon has also collaborated with Toby Tobias on the Mindgames project with a recent track featured on the London Housing Trust label and more releases to come.

DJ-wise Damon draws on a range of sounds including classic house and techno, vintage electronics, disco and italo, with plenty of musical curveballs thrown in for good measure.

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Posthuman – Hecatism (Damon Martin Remix)

The Aliens – The Sunlamp Show (Disco Bloodbath remix)

Fern Kinney – Love Me Tonight (Damon Martin & Ben Rymer Edit)

Damon Martin

SAT.10th.OCT.15 – London Calling’s ‘DISCO CIRCUS’



door 3,000 | member 2,000



A Disco Circus is to be had in October for the grand opening week of a new club to hit T-town… CIRCUS TOKYO!

Yes, CIRCUS OSAKA is opening it’s sister club here in Tokyo and London Calling has been asked to join in on the festivities for it’s grand opening. Showcasing a Two Ring disco circus, that will feature of some of the hottest DJs in Tokyo as they continue to bring you the quality sounds and energy that is the signature vibe of all London Calling events!

For this special night we bring you DAMON MARTIN, one third of DISCO BLOODBATH, back to guest DJ on the main floor! We are expecting quality tunes from Damon’s production to classic gems tucked in his record bag!

So, come join us for our two ring DISCO CIRCUS at a new venue with an event you can trust… LONDON CALLING!



Andre Mcleod
DJ Dandy
Soichiro Kanai
Phillip Huey
DJ Munoz
Slim Tikini


Miles Maeda
Aron T
Mark Birtles

Video – William White
Photo – Jimmy Chevron

SAT.13th.JUNE.15 – London Calling’s 8 Year Anniversary “The Eight Awakens”

LONDON CALLING’S 8 Year Anniversary SAT.13.JUNE.15 TRUMP ROOM, Tokyo door 3,000 | member 2,000 ++++++++++++++++ The Eight Awakens! London Calling celebrates it’s Eight Year Anniversary with Tokyo’s finest DJs @ Trump Room on June 13th! We are extremely excited to have many DJs who have graced our decks in the past returning for you on […]

SAT.11th.APR.15 – London Calling’s ‘i-ROBOTS’

LONDON CALLING’S ‘i-ROBOTS’ SAT.11.APR.15 TRUMP ROOM, Tokyo door 3,000 | member 2,000 ++++++++++++++++ Batteries are re-charged and now we’re full of energy for April’s edition of London Calling! ‘i-ROBOTS’ Operating automatic at Trump Room with three floors of dancing mechanic! There is no escaping us! You are in the system and are required to attend […]

SAT.07th.FEB.15 – London Calling’s “RED DEVIL DISCO” @ WOMB

LONDON CALLING’S “RED DEVIL DISCO” SAT.07.FEB.15 WOMB, Tokyo door 3,000 | member 2,000 ++++++++++++++++ 06S presents a very hot Valentines with London Calling`s “Red Devil Disco!” February maybe deep into winter, but London Calling will make your Valentines’ Day hot! Come join us for a special edition of London Calling as we take over the […]


LONDON CALLING’S … FUNKAPOLIS ft. CASIO SOCIAL CLUB SAT.15.NOV.14 TRUMP ROOM, Tokyo door 3,000 | member 2,000 この秋、私たちはブーティストラップ&ロングレッグスのスペシャルナイトをお届けします! そう、私たちはあなたをファンクの世界に導くために来ました! 私たちはファンクのキャプテンを日本のFUNKAPOLISへ連れて、Casio Social Clubをヘッドライナーに迎えこのスペシャルナイトに登場します! 今回もいつものように、3つの部屋で日本の最もホットなDJたちの音楽も用意しています。 これこそが音楽、DJたちの素晴らしいFUNKとあなたのブーティをダンスフロアへ…もう他に何もいらないでしょ? 私たちと一緒に、もうひとつの信じられないほど素晴らしいロンドンコーリングのスペシャルナイトへ、あなたの全ての友達を誘って来てね! ++++++++++++++++ This Autumn, we bring you a special night of booty straps and long legs! Yes, we are here to FUNK YOU UP! We bring you the Captains of Funk […]