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Profile – Crystal Fighters (Kitsune)

Crystal Fighters (Kitsune)

“We are Crystal Fighters. We make fast dance music with Basque instruments, synthesizers and our voices.”

規格外のスーパー・ポテンシャルをもった新人としてキツネ・メゾン・ファミリーに仲間入りしたバンド、CRYSTAL FIGHTERS。ファーストEP「Xtatic Truth」は、エスニックなストリングスのピッキングと全速力のダンス・ビートでフロアを駆け抜けるパンキッシュでエレクトロ、そしてどこかスぺーシーで無国籍という特異なサウンドは、Mixmagにおいても”Single most exciting live show in dance music”と賞され、CSSに続くインディーダンス・バンドとして、早くも来年の様々な野外フェスへの参加もささやかれている要チェックのニューカマーだ。

Crystal Fighters juxtapose the eerie flavour of traditional Basque folk music with churning basslines and catchy energetic vocals, resulting in a jubilant and uplifting sound unlike any other.

They offer raved-up, percussive folktronica, veering from Fischerspooner-style euphoria to Animal Collective-toned delicacy, underpinned by a progressive contemporary London bass sound.   Though their distinctive production techniques take in all this and more, Crystal Fighters draw a broader and more profound influence from the energy and wild liberty of the 80s Spanish/Basque ‘anti-todo’ youth movement and the songs of bands such as Eskorbuto, Sinistro Total and Golpes Bajos.

2008 saw the group take London by storm.  Their unrelentingly raw, intense, and passionate live shows headlining Durrr, Dollop, Matter, Cargo, The End, Secret Garden Festival and beyond, and the group saw features in Dazed & Confused, FACT, Clash, Mixmag, iDJ magazine and a Radio 1 Live Session for Rob da Bank.  The year was finally rounded up with their ubiquitous online hit ‘I Love London’ voted in Mixmag’s Top 100 Records for 2008, the only unreleased record in the 100, crashing in ahead of the likes of Toddla T and Bloc Party.

“Xtatic Truth” will be released via KITSUNE in May and will be featured on the forthcoming Maison 7 compilation released 23rd May 2009.

“I Love London” will be released via KITSUNE later in the year.

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