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London Calling Clubnight

London’s underground club scene has consistently pioneered new sounds, urban movements and social scenes. Iconic venues such as Fabric, The End, Turnmills, Heaven and more recently T Bar, Egg and 93 Feet East are the core of London’s underground club scene and enjoy a global reputation. The era of the superclub and style-over-substance clubbing is long gone and the new reality is more vibrant and exciting than ever.

In recent years, clubbers have experienced an evolution, some would say a revolution, as barriers between the house, electro, breaks, indie and even hip hop genres and cultures have come crashing down. It’s open season and today London’s vibrant underground club scene is a place where open-minded people from every tribe come together and celebrate good times at the very same clubnights and venues.

It is that very spirit that can be found at London Calling where the crowd, music, DJs and venue all combine to create something very special. That special thing is a place for good people to come together in the pursuit of good times. London Calling is a night that will let you set aside your worries, live for the moment and dance like you don’t have a choice.

The line-up brings together forward thinking international and local underground DJs who are always ready to tear the roof off. On the playlist is a heady mix of house, electro, techno, bootleg beats (and a strong dose of anything goes) with mad vocals, massive synths and killer basslines! The night climaxes with the DJs going ‘back-to-back’ to rock the crowd even harder with dirtier, funkier beats right the way through to the bitter end.

London Calling is held at Warehouse 702 in Tokyo and Club Triangle in Osaka, both leading clubs on the DJ circuit.


世界的に知名度の高い「Fabric」「The End」「Turnmills」「Heaven」を始め、最近では「T Bar」「Egg」「93 Feet East 」が中心となり、ロンドンのアンダーグラウンドシーンを盛り上げて行っています。キラビやかで外見重視のスーパークラブの時代は過ぎ去り、活気に溢れよりエキサイティングなアンダーグラウンド・シーンへの注目が高まって来ています。


今日、新しく始まった「クラブ」、クラブ通いの現実はこれまでよりも力強く、刺激的です。 その成果としてロンドンのクラブでは、人種や職業に捕われないオープンマインドな人々が集い、共に楽しい一時を過ごしています。London Callingでは、オーディエンス、音楽とDJ、イベント会場の全てが化学反応を起こし、他のパーティーでは体験できない一体感が生まれます。それはパーティーに遊びに来てくれる人たちの「楽しい時間を過ごしたい」というポジティプな気持ちから生まれる一体感だと言えるでしょう。「日々のストレスや悩みごとを忘れ、極上の音で心ゆくまで踊り明かす」それがLondon Callingなのです。


London Callingは東京では「Warehouse 702」 、大阪では「Triangle」と共にクラバーに人気の高いクラブに於いて開催されています。