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SUN.13.FEB.2011 – London Calling’s dirty lil’ after-hours party “TRASH”!!!

London Calling’s

dirty lil’ after-hours party


3rd Year Anniversary




Door 1,500yen | Discount 1,000yen

TRASH has made it to 3 YEARS!!!


The landfill is massive! 3 years of grime and filth have piled up with countless killer beats that have laid waste to Tokyo’s after hours scene. With the help of some of this city’s dirtiest DJs as well as some International help directed by the U.N. Council of Health and Safety, Trash has become a global epidemic. Leaders from around the world have put their attention on the dirtiest place on Earth – ROCKWEST – the home of TRASH! Yes, the glory of our dirtiness is centered in the heart of Shibuya and we are thrilled that YOU and renowned collectors of dirt such as Monika Kruse, In Flagranti, J. Saintil, Cormac and Disco Blood Bath have all bathed in the grime that is TRASH!

ごみ廃棄場は満杯に!3年間のゴミと汚れは、東京のアフターアワーズシーンを荒らす 数え切れないほどの強烈なビートと共に蓄積していった。そしてこの街のダーティなDJらの支援や、国連安全衛生委員会による国際援助により、TRASHは世界的な流行病となったのだ。世界中のリーダー たちは地球上の最も汚れた場所、TRASHのホー ムであるROCKWESTに注目。そう、ダーティな光は渋谷の中心部にあった。Monika Kruse、 In Flagranti、J. Saintil、Cormac、Disco BloodBathの名立たる廃棄物収拾者らが、そしてあなたが、TRASHの汚れを浴びると思うと興奮せずにはいられない

This time around we are happy to have one of Tokyo’s dirtiest DJs making his first appearance for Trash – Q’hey! Returning for his 4th time around is Shotaro Maeda who’s dirtiness we just can’t seem to get enough of! Just added to clean up duties are two returnees from the Trash bin archives – Nick Clarke a DJ well known for his sleazy techy beats from Phonika fame and Jay Zimmerman our favorite San Franciscan who is no stranger to late night filth. Of course resident bad boys on Garbage detail are Aron T and dirty munoz, BUT stay tuned because we are adding more DJs to be added to the bill! This is an all out party that we hope to keep going late into the afternoon!!!

今回は、東京のダーティDJの一人、Q’heyを初めてTRASHに迎えられた。そして4度目の登場は、 そのダーティさを何度も見せて欲しいShotaro Maedaである。加えて、清掃当番としてゴミ保管庫より戻ってくる のは、Phonica からの低俗テッキービートで有名なDJ、Nick Clarkeと、サンフランシスコ出身の汚れた深夜の常連者Jay Zimmermanの二人。もちろん、廃棄物の中からレジデント・バッドボー イズのAron T とdirty munozも登場するけれど、それだけにとどまらず、次々とDJが現れるので目を離さないで!! この疲れ知らずのダーティパーティは、お昼を過ぎても続く かもね!!!


Q’hey (Moonage/Reboot/Bios)

Shotaro Maeda (Eden)


Nick Clarke (Phonika/Eggworm)

Jay Zimmerman (Redmelon)

Aron T (dBUki/Trash)

dirty munoz (Trash/London Calling)


Trash 3rd Anniversary Party @ROCKWEST

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